SPOILER ALERT - Mistresses' season finale summary

Friday, September 4, 2015

Joss is released from prison. Harry picks her up.

April confronts Mark about his drinking. Mark says he doesn't understand why she's taking it so personally.

The doctor in the hospital says Vivian's liver failed - the reason for her collapse. Alec learns that Karen knew Vivian's cancer had returned and was keeping it a secret from Alec. Alec orders Karen to leave the hospital.

Harry tells Joss that famed chef Rocco di Spirito wants to meet with him about doing a cookbook and a web series. Joss is so excited for him. Harry asks Joss if she wants to talk about what happened in prison. Joss says no. She wants to focus on their future.

In prison after confessing to her husband's murder, Calista bribes another inmate. Why?

Joss, Karen and April get together. Karen is not there long before heading back to the hospital to see how Vivian is doing. April confesses to Joss that she is disappointed that Mark didn't tell her he was on the verge of drinking, that she thought they were that closer than that.

Harry learns the gig with Rocco means going all over the world. He is torn. Meanwhile Joss gets a gift package, opens the card in horror. It's a welcome home card...from Calista.

Karen sees Vivian at the hospital. Alec is not there. Vivian says he's off looking for a miracle. Vivian asks Karen how her pregnancy is going. As Vivian feels Karen's stomach, she falls unconscious.

Mark has to say goodbye to his nephew as the boy heads back to live with his mom in Vegas. Before she leave's, Mark's sister tells April that Mark is in love with her.

Mark tells Harry he plans to quit. There is no reason for him to stay any longer. April gets home and gets a goodbye note from Mark.

It's a network show, Harry tells Joss, and he's not going to take it because it's a year traveling abroad. Joss says he has to take it if he gets it. She says she is his and that a year isn't going to change anything. She says she will visit and they can skype. She wants him to take this once in a lifetime chance. But when Harry's back is turned, Joss tears up.

Karen is asleep on a chair beside Vivian when Vivian wakes up choking. Karen screams for the doctors and they send her out of the room. Karen desperately tries to reach Alec. The doctor tells Karen that it will not be long now before Vivian dies.

April and Joss get together. As April talks about Mark, Joss tells her she's clearly in love with Mark. April tries to call Mark and can't reach him. She decides to go to the restaurant. While April is getting ready, Joss gets a text message from Calista and goes running to the prison.

Karen finds Alec. He is trying to find a way to save Vivian. Karen tells him to stop - that it's time to say goodbye to Vivian.

At the prison, Joss tells Calista to stop contacting her. Calista plays innocent and sad. She says she's surprised it took Joss so long to come see her and claims whoever killed Luca may be coming after Joss. She says she pleaded guilty out of friendship with Joss and she wishes Joss well. Joss begins to doubt herself.

Joss calls Calista's lawyer Patty Deckler. She asks Joss why Calista confessed. Patty says Calista confessed to protect Joss. Joss asks about the gift basket. Patty says Calista can't have sent it.

April gets to the restaurant and Harry tells her Mark has left. Meanwhile Harry learns he got the gig with Rocco. He immediately tells Joss and says he has to leave the next night. And by the way, Joss is in the contract, too. She's going to Europe with him!

Alec gets to the hospital to see Vivian. Vivian asks that both Karen and Alec come into her room. She has a nurse take a video of the three of them. She records a message for Karen's baby.

Joss calls the detective on the Luca murder case. She tries to tell him that Karen tells an unconscious Vivian that not much surprises her in life, but that Vivian surprised her, and how grateful she is for that. Vivian briefly opens her eyes and then passes away just as Alec wakes up. He reaches for Vivian's hand.

April desperately searches for a way to contact Mark before he gets on a plane for Machu Pichu. She gets ready to try to get to the airport. But when she opens the door, Mark is there. He tells April that he loves her. She kisses him.

Karen and Alec walk to the parking lot of the hospital. When they get to Karen's car, Alec just walks off. Karen breaks down sobbing.

Calista gets a package from another inmate in her cell. It's a rope. Calista looks at the pipe on the ceiling. Is she trying to escape or end her life?

Joss gets a text message that leads her to go back to Calista's house. Meanwhile Harry and crew are waiting for her. They finally have to leave for Europe without her. Meanwhile at the house, Joss thinks she sees Calista. But when the figure gets close, she realizes it's Wilson in a wig. And he has a gun pointed at Joss.

And that's the end of the show.