Urban Ministries of Wake working to meet unprecedented needs

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020
Urban Ministries of Wake working to meet unprecedented needs
Urban Ministries of Wake working to meet unprecedented needs

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- With unemployment claims skyrocketing in North Carolina from closures because of the coronavirus crisis, many are finding it hard to make ends meet and are turning to nonprofits such as Urban Ministries of Wake County to fill the need.

"We serve roughly 50 people a day, and through everything that's going on right now, that is up to maybe about 70 people a day and probably more sometimes," said Nick Robertson, who works at Urban Ministries of Wake County.

Staffers and volunteers are working daily to fill packaged meals that are loaded into cars that pull through.

"Yesterday, we did 65 cars and then we had to shut down," Robertson said.

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Under normal circumstances, clients using Urban Ministries of Wake are screened to confirm identity and residency in Wake County and clients could only get a food pickup every 90 or 30 days depending on age.

"Right now, you just show your ID, so we know you're a resident of Wake County, and we bring a box out and take it to your car," Robertson said. "You can come back next week and get more."

Robertson said his organization is in the greatest need of donations to purchase food as the nonprofit can buy in bulk to stretch a dollar and feed more people in need. "It's 19 cents per pound when I get food from the food bank," Robertson said. "That's the best deal on the planet."

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