Cary couple's home renovation DIY skills featured on Tamron Hall Show

A Cary couple appeared on "The Tamron Hall Show" this week to show of their DIY skills.

Marcus and Victoria Ford have renovated not one, but two houses.

Victoria documents their renovations on her Instagram, PrepFordWife, where she has more than 30,000 followers.

The couple explained that, when they decide to renovate, they make a list of everything they want to change and prioritize it.

The list at their first house had more than 100 items. From there, they started with the "must-do's."

"How do you eat an elephant?" Marcus said. "One bite at a time. So when you don't have the 40 or 50 grand at one time to knock out the whole thing, you kind of do the manageable projects."

That included painting their linoleum floors in the kitchen of one of their homes before they had the budget to replace it altogether.

Watch the full segment in the media player above.
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