Village Christian Academy cancels football season, leaving parents, players frustrated

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019
Village Christian Academy cancels football season
Village Christian Academy cancels football season

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- A private school football program shrouded in scandal is closing its doors to the upcoming season.

Village Christian Academy confirmed the news to ABC11 on Monday afternoon.

The announcement is leaving many parents frustrated.

"Football just wasn't the priority, and I think that's really sad," said Kelly Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said she wonders why the school waited till July to make an announcement, knowing how it could affect those students eyeing college football scholarships.

"For those juniors and seniors, expecting them to wait till July to make a decision isn't even feasible," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez's eighth-grade son had the intention to play varsity football at VCA. However, the shift has him playing football for the Sandhills Titans while remaining a student at VCA.

"You have military families who can't juggle all of that. So, we're fortunate we can make that happen," Rodriguez said.

Back in March, the NCISAA found that players, including some from Wake County, were recruited unethically and offered unacceptable benefits. This resulted in the private school being placed on probation for the next school year, losing its 2018 state title and firing head coach Emerson Martin.

"If something's happening in your department and you don't know, that's a problem. If it's happening and you do know, that's also a problem," Rodriguez said.

In an email from Athletic Director Harold Morrison, the school stated that the decision to cancel the upcoming season was made because of a lack of players for the team. Rodriguez said the interest was there but it was too little too late.

"We were told we would know by the end of the school year and that was May," she said.

Morrison told ABC11 that VCA will continue to plan and evaluate the future of the football program.