105-year-old North Carolina woman 'thankful' to vote, feels every election is important

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Friday, October 9, 2020
105-year-old NC woman still knows the importance of voting
Julia Ray was born before women were allowed to vote. This week, the Buncombe County woman cast a ballot at 105 years old.

BUNCOMBE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- When Julia Ray was born, women weren't allowed to vote. More than a century later, the privilege isn't lost on the 105-year-old North Carolina woman.

Ray's family took her to Buncombe County election headquarters this week, as she cast an absentee ballot with gratitude and a spirit indicative of the American way.

"I'm thankful that I'm here," Ray told WLOS. "When you've lived as long as I've lived, every election is important."

The community celebrated Ray on Thursday afternoon. Ray is a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She says she votes for her children as much as herself.

"When you know you have young grandchildren who are just facing all the problems that we have in the world," Ray said when asked about why she feels voting is important.