Wake Schools relents, moves bus stop after gunfire nearby

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018
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Parents demand change after gunshots at bus stop.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Gunfire near an elementary school bus stop in Raleigh has one family taking action. The incident happened at the intersection of East Jones Street and St. Augustine's Avenue. It so outraged the parents of a kindergarten student that they requested the bus stop be moved. -- a request initially rejected by the Wake County Public School System.

"It should have been an immediate 'Absolutely. This is not safe,'" said parent Jenny Profet Grainger. "Gunshots kind of crosses the line."

Police said there have 23 calls for service at the intersection in the last year and six shootings in the last month.

Violence erupted last Thursday as Aaron Grainger was heading to the bus stop with his 3-year-old to pick up his kindergartener. He said seven or eight shots rang out.

The shooting happened around 4 p.m.

"These guys are just firing off guns with no respect for anybody," Aaron Grainger said. "I knew we weren't the targets but it was still frustrating that she could have been hit; I could have been hit."

Jenny Grainger immediately reached out to WCPSS and asked for the bus stop to be moved for safety reasons. On the same day that she filed a complaint, the request was denied.

"We feel like we're being ignored and brushed off as if we don't matter, and my kids matter every bit as everybody else," she said.

In the transportation department's response, it acknowledged concerns about "gunshots," but said it couldn't move the bus stop because of policy regarding walking distance.

The Graingers said they feel that parents living in more affluent communities would have received a different response.

"What ... my son, because of what he looks like, should just get used to being fired at? Or because of my neighborhood that we're not worth the same as other people?" Jenny Grainger asked.

The district originally told these parents they could appeal the decision.

Late Tuesday, after ABC11 inquired about the decision, the Graingers learned an appeal wouldn't be necessary.

The district is going to move the bus stop. The move should take effect in a couple of days.