Nice Sunday!

Yesterday proved to be a rather pleasant, sunny day across the area with temperatures peaking slightly above the climatological average for this time of year. Since then, however, winds have shifted to a more southeasterly direction following the passage of a dry cold front.

As a result, clouds over the past few hours have built-in and temperatures have quickly fallen to the low 40s at the time of this writing.

This cold front will linger over the area through the next few days.

Tomorrow, some spots, especially to the west over the Piedmont will have a few isolated showers. Rain will not be very widespread during this time. Overnight tonight, that front will drift back over the region, bringing light showers to the area during this time.

Mainly cloudy conditions with a few showers or thunderstorms will continue to be the pattern into Tuesday, at which point the front will drag more rain into the area. Many spots will have showers or thunderstorms with the approaching cold front Tuesday and Tuesday night.

Wednesday looks to have a brief period of more stable weather. The main story for this day will be the warmth as temperatures will climb into the mid-80s - roughly 15 degrees Fahrenheit above the climatological average for this time of year. Unfortunately, this won't be a long-lasting period as colder air will drive its way across the mid-Atlantic through the end of the week.

Have a great day!
Steve Stewart

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