Video: Men fight over wheelbarrow, one takes out a sword in Florida

FLORIDA -- There were terrifying and surprising moments caught on camera in Florida when a man pulled out a sword during a fight.

The whole thing was over a wheelbarrow that was found in a pile of trash outside an empty home.

Todd Beavers says he spotted the cart while on a jog and grabbed it while out on a job back on July 15.

But apparently a man armed with a sword wanted the cart too, and he was willing to fight for it.

"When he pulled out the sword I thought, 'What am I doing?' I thought, 'Is he really going to do this?'" Beavers said. "I couldn't believe that he was going to really try to kill me for a cart."

Apparently, the two had exchanged words and Beavers said the man followed him for a bit before taking out the sword.

In the end, neither man ended up with the prized cart.

"I really was in shock the whole time," Beavers said. "I was really shocked."

Instead, a woman came along and grabbed it.

"I said, 'You know what? You're on camera. You want to take the cart, do it right in front of the camera,'" Beavers said. "And she did it."

Alice Bolden said the wheelbarrow belonged to her.

"Yes, this is my wheelbarrow, I had it in the garage for a whole week," she said. "Yes, I have neighbors to verify that, because I asked them if they want to buy some stuff also."

Bolden says it was in a pile of items that were going to be sold at a garage sale.

The man swinging the sword is still being sought by police.
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