Here's why TSA agents make you remove your shoes at the airport

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Agents with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) displayed mock explosives inside of Terminal 2 at RDU Friday morning to demonstrate the importance of TSA rules.

During TSA checks, fliers are asked to take off their shoes.

For those forgetful enough to ditch the socks, the idea of bare feet on a public floor may feel icky.

"It's a pain, but if it keeps us safe; I'm willing to do it," said flier Chris Tew.

During the demonstration, TSA explosive specialist Tony Aguilera detailed why removing your shoes is key to safe travel.

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He lifted the soles of an old pair of black tennis shoes to reveal explosives while saying, "This could be a hiding place for explosives."

During the demonstration, Aguilera guided the group back to 2001, retelling the story of the shoe bomber, Richard Reid.

Displayed on the table next to the old tennis shoes was a pair of tablets.

At face, you'd never know the sinister plans that lay beneath - again, explosives.

So, that's TSA agents asks that any electronic device larger than a cell phone must be removed from baggage and placed on a conveyer belt so it can be scanned.

TSA officials said in order to keep traffic flowing through the safety check, fliers are asked to remain alert to what agents are saying and comply.

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