WILD CRASH: Witnesses lift car off 2 women pinned when car jumps curb

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Good samaritans acted like super heroes out of a movie, as they jumped into action in our nations' capital to save two people trapped under a car.

Video shows the silver Chevy Malibu jumping the curb and pinning two women underneath it on a Washington, D.C. street corner.

The driver climbed out on the passenger side. Then she checked on her 8-year-old son riding in the back seat.

Some people who saw the wreck immediately came over and started working as a team to lift the car off the trapped people.

The driver, who did not want to be identified to WJLA-TV, says she was especially grateful for the help, saying, "I'm six months pregnant, we ran over people. I'm glad there were enough people out here to physically lift the car to get them from under it."