Wilson bride wears wedding dress for emotional last moments with grandma

Thursday, December 3, 2020
Photos capture bride's emotional goodbye to grandma
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A Wilson woman's rare and beautiful memory is stirred by a photo collection of a tender moment.

WILSON, N.C. (WTVD) -- A Wilson bride's final moments with her grandmother are going viral.

Bethany Boykin made sure her grandma, 'Honey,' saw her wedding dress before she passed.

Grandma Honey took it all in from her bed in her home in late July.

"I walked into the room, and my mom and my aunts were like 'Mama, Bethany's here to see her' and when she opened her eyes she went 'oh, it's beautiful!'" Boykin said. "I knew I had to make it happen then."

Just eight days after the photos, she joined her husband of nearly 65 years with Jesus.

"To have a love like that for almost 65 years is incredible," Boykin said. "I had a sense inside of me that told me that take your time. This is it."

The photos were captured by photographer Taylor Dail, who wiped tears from her own eyes.

"That first instinct of Honey going like (perks up)...I was just like, I cried," Dail said.

Bethany married on Nov. 14. The photos from July were recently posted to social media, garnering tens of thousands of shares, something Bethany and Taylor never expected.

"Four, five, six, seven (thousand) shares, that's a lot for Wilson because we are so small," Boykin said.

Now in the months since Honey passed, the 87 years of life she lived and her legacy are inspiring those around the globe.

For Bethany and her family, a rare, sweet and beautiful memory is stirred with every glance of those final photos.