Zombie teeth: Woman's false fangs get stuck in her mouth

An Alabama woman's Halloween fun turned into a nightmare - and a medical emergency.

Anna Tew, of Mobile County, says the fake teeth she put in would not come out.

"It went on and on and, I mean, I continuously tried to get them out, and after it was over with, I mean, I tried up to 2 a.m. And it's like, they wouldn't budge. I even took a pair of wire cutters and cut the tips of those two off," Tew said.

Tew says she used the glue that came with the teeth, but, she says the adhesive wasn't temporary.

She says she was in excruciating pain, but wasn't sure whether to go to the emergency room. Eventually, she found an emergency dentist who could help.

Dr. John Murphy was able to rescue Tew and her teeth Saturday.

"Just the natural state of your teeth, and your gums can sometimes cause something to adhere and get stuck," Murphy said.

Tew says she learned a lesson and one she hopes will save others. She says she will never put anything like that in her mouth again.
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