Working on the holidays? How people are making the most of it

An estimated 25 percent of the workforce will work on holidays.

ABC11 caught up with some of those folks on Thanksgiving Day.

Starting in the ABC11 newsroom, there's a dedicated team spending this holiday keeping you informed.

There are also retailers working to get you prepared.

At Food Lion, off Poole Road in Raleigh, customer Keith James stopped by to get those last minute items.

"My wife sent me here for fome macaroni and cheese. That's what I'm making," said James.

"We're just here to take care of the customers," said Tyrone Williams the manager at the Food Lion.

In addition, Nurses and doctors at Wake Med Hospital are taking care of those who can't help themselves.

"My patients don't get to be with their families and we can be there for them," said Nurse Alexis Brewer.

Brewer is working a 12-hour shift. Her team brought in a pot luck Thanksgiving dinner. "Literally this is my work family. Which is why I don't feel like I'm missing a whole lot," said Brewer.

On Thursday, Raleigh Firefighters at Station 12 were also busy saving lives and fighting fires

Division Chief Ian Toms said at some point the families of the firefighters will drop by the station for dinner.

"Days like today or any day we just hope the call volume is low. Not because we don't want to run the calls but because the less that we're doing the less they require our needs," Toms said.

It's a service all these folks are thankful to provide.
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