Jon Camp
Jon Camp was born in Seattle, Washington and spent years moving around the country. After receiving a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Yale and a Master's degree in Journalism from Syracuse, he started his reporting career in Watertown, NY at WWNY.

From there it was on to KESQ in Palm Springs, California where he anchored the weekend evening newscasts and won his first Emmy. Then he moved to Hartford, Connecticut to hone his breaking news skills at WFSB. After that, he became the weeknight anchor for the ABC affiliate in Portland, Maine where he won another Emmy covering the fifth anniversary of September 11th. Jon has also moderated U.S. Senatorial and Congressional debates and covered presidential and gubernatorial campaigns in multiple states.

He loves being back 'in the field' and telling stories as part of the ABC11 I-Team. It's people that drive his passion for news and he's excited to get to know North Carolina and the people who live here.

Jon's an accomplished singer/songwriter and loves mountain biking, hiking, camping, and all things outdoors. He loves reading up on history and painting. But when time is short, there's only one place he wants to be: with his wife and two kids.

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