WATCH: Cruise ship crashes into dock at Honduran port

COXEN HOLE, Honduras -- Cameras were rolling as a cruise ship collided with the dock at a Honduran port Tuesday.

The collision happened around 8 a.m. local time, according to authorities with the Port of Roatan, an island port in the Gulf of Honduras. Eyewitness video shows the vessel sideswiping the pier as onlookers watched from a nearby deck.

Port authorities identified the vessel as the Armonia, a cruise ship owned by the Swiss company MSC. There were 1,800 passengers aboard the Armonia at the time of the collision, according to port authorities, none of whom were injured. There were also no harmful substances spilled into what they called an "environmentally sensitive area."

"The important thing is that there were no human losses or damage to the environment. Everything else can be repaired," Kenia Lima, president of the port's board of directors, said in a news release.

The Armonia departed for Belize Wednesday after the vessel and the pier were assessed for damage. According to MSC's website, the 13-deck ship can carry up to 2,679 and travel at a maximum speed of 20.1 knots.

MSC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
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