11 ways you know you're in the Triangle

  1. You can never figure out which way you're going on the Beltline, even if you've lived here for years.

  2. NBA? NFL? MLB? Never heard of 'em. Show us an NCAA game and we'll show you how to pull for a team.

  3. If your blood doesn't bleed a shade of blue, you're sick of hearing about that rivalry. But secretly you hate one more than you hate the other.

  4. IS THAT A SNOW FLAKE? *Runs to check the school cancellations.*

  5. "Going to the rodeo" means eating grilled cheese out of a truck.

  6. When someone says they're from Cary, you ask where they're originally from. And you're only half-joking.

  7. (Photo courtesy of Zajohnso)

  8. BBQ is a food, not an event, and you have no patience for people who prefer that other style.

  9. You know where to get Cheerwine on tap.

  10. The ACC tournament means a 3-day work week. (If you can't take off, that's OK because the games are on every TV you pass by anyway.)

  11. You have a favorite beach spot. And a favorite mountain spot. How can you not when they're both just three hours away?

  12. You have experienced all four seasons in the span of less than a week.

How else do you know you're in the Triangle? Let us know in the comments!
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