UNC vs. Duke: Which team will take the win Saturday night?

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) -- After wondering all week, we finally got some certainty from Duke this morning on Zion Williamson's status as "doubtful" became "out" for the UNC game. That's clearly the biggest pregame development this game could have.

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I do think it's a different scenario than the first meeting when Zion was forced out just roughly 30 seconds in. Duke was undoubtedly shell shocked in the moment then. You just can't prepare to suddenly lose the best and most impactful player in the country on the fly.

The Blue Devils are now used to not having Zion, and while they've looked like a relative shell of the team they are with him, at least they have some familiarity with the situation and have been able to plan something a little more thoroughly than the first game.

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That said, Carolina was dominant in Durham. The same issues that Duke had that day, primarily stopping the Heels from getting layups and dunks all game, will once again be a problem tonight. There aren't "solutions" for UNC's offense for Duke, only possible improvements.

On the improvement front, while Roy Williams would gladly take a repeat of the first meeting, it's clear and almost certain that the Heels will be better in at least one area: three-pointers.

There's no way they're only going to shoot 2-20 from the three-point line again.

Cam Johnson, Coby White and the rest of the crew are much more likely to hit double digit threes than not, in my opinion.

However, it's Carolina's game to lose.

The first loss was impacted massively by Zion's absence, but it was also no accident. With the same personnel, in unfriendly territory, Duke needs to find a way to be 20 points better.

I for one don't think it's possible the way the Heels are playing. Mix in the fact that Roy is 8-0 vs. Duke in the regular season finale when at least a share of first place is on the line, and I'm having trouble seeing anything other than another comfortable UNC win.

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