Mother, daughter walk together for graduation despite attending different schools

APPLETON, Wisc. (WTVD) -- A mother and daughter were allowed to walk together for their college graduations despite not attending the same university.

It happened over the weekend in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Mackenzie Kropidlowski broke down in tears when University of Wisconsin-Whitewater granted her request to allow her mother to walk with her on graduation day.

Kropidlowski's mother, April Hershman, completed her degree at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh the same year her daughter finished at UW-Whitewater.

Hershman said she dropped out of college when she was younger in order to get a job and provide for her family, but when the opportunity came around a second time, she couldn't pass it up.

"If you want to really truly be a role model you have to walk the walk," Hershman said.

The problem: after she walked the walk of college, her school and her daughter's school set their graduation date for the same day.

Hershman said there was never a question. She immediately knew she would skip her graduation day in order to attend her daughter's.

But Kropidlowski wanted her mother to also get a chance to experience the goal she had worked so hard for.

"She deserved this more than anyone I know," Kropidlowski said.

After multiple requests were denied, UW-Whitewater's chancellor took up the issue and agreed to allow Hershman to walk with her daughter.

"Selfishly today I was hoping I could actually sit and watch her, right? Because she is such an amazing person, but we get to share it together today," Hershman said.
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