Jurors in Jonathan Broyhill trial hear taped confession about stabbing

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- It was a busy day for jurors in the Jonathan Broyhill trial Monday.

The day began with testimony from the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on Jamie Hahn. Her testimony was accompanied by graphic pictures showing the dozens of knife wounds to Hahn's body.

Hahn was stabbed to death at her North Raleigh home in April 2013. She and her husband, Nation, who was also attacked, were close friends with Broyhill. He was the best man in their wedding and worked for Jamie Hahn's political consulting firm.

Prosecutors contend that Broyhill embezzled tens of thousands of dollars from the campaign account for then Congressman Brad Miller and that Broyhill stabbed the Hahns after Jamie confronted him about the missing funds. However, his attorneys told jurors that while Broyhill stabbed the Hahns the missing money was not the motive and that he actually intended to kill himself.

Broyhill did stab himself after the attack on the Hahn's and that's why his interview with Raleigh police detectives was recorded in the hospital. That recording, in which Broyhill barely talks above a whisper, was played for jurors Monday. They were also given printed transcripts so they could follow along.

At one point Broyhill was asked by the lead detective Zeke Morse what he remembered about the attack.

"I've been laying here and I remember shards of things," Broyhill remarked.

When pressed by the detective, Broyhill added, "The only thing I remember is, I just remember, God it makes me sick to even say it. I just remember stabbing her in the back."

The medical examiner told jurors that while Hahn was stabbed in the back she also had knife wounds on her face, neck, chest, hand, and abdomen.

Detectives specifically asked Broyhill about the missing campaign funds but he said that never came up before he attacked Hahn.

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