Ancient form of massage could help pregnant women

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- After giving birth to her first son, Shane, almost six years ago, Nicole Manz initially had trouble getting pregnant a second time. After trying for almost six months, she came to Donna Zubrod at Seven Generations Massage and Birth to see if a specialized massage technique could help.

"After about a month to two months of her working on me and then me doing my self-care with the Arvigo therapy, we were pregnant within a month and a half, two months," said Manz.

Zubrod says the Arvigo therapy is founded on an ancient Maya technique of abdominal massage.

"It could be that the reproductive organs in the body are not working optimally, so the massage helps to increase the flow of blood, which is nutrients and oxygen, and the removal of lymph from the area," said Zubrod.

The ancient form of massage can be used to treat a host of symptoms in clients, from digestive problems to reproductive issues. And whether it's for infertility, prenatal, or postpartum issues, Zubrod teaches clients to perform variations of the technique on themselves at home to further promote natural healing.

"The basis of natural healing is that the body, if given unrestricted flows throughout the body, the body has the ability to heal itself and rebalance itself," she said.

Zubrod says it also helps to properly align the uterus, which can lessen common pregnancy symptoms and make for an easier labor and delivery, something Manz experienced with her second son, Keegan.

"Throughout my pregnancy I didn't have the back pain I had with Shane," she said. "Then the delivery itself? It was so much easier."

Which only made a bigger believer out of Manz, prompting her to return to Zubrod after her son was born for continued postpartum work.

In addition to offering sessions at her Cary location, Zubrod also teaches the Arvigo therapy. She says it's growing in popularity in the Triangle, with midwives and even medical doctors coming to her for lessons.

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