160 NC tenants behind on rent apply for assistance, but landlord will not accept money

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Behind on her rent payments, a single Durham mother applied for emergency rental assistance from the county. However, her landlord will not accept the assistance.

Akilia Jones had to quit her job in March 2020 when COVID-19 shut down her son's school, forcing her to seek out child care.

Like many, Jones looked to government assistance, but it took weeks for the payments to arrive.

Bills piled up, so Jones paid for child care out of pocket and returned to her fast-food job last August.


A leak at her apartment led to a $400 water bill one month and high electric bills racked up in the winter because of space heaters she needed due to inadequate heating from the baseboard.

Jones hasn't paid rent since Dec. 31 and is currently over $7,000 behind. She applied for emergency pandemic rental assistance from Durham County, along with 160 other tenants that rent from Soles, according to the county.

But even with over $9 million left in federal funding in Durham's program, there's a problem: he won't take the assistance.

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