What did Alton Brown eat in Durham? We've got answers

Monday, April 18, 2016
Alton Brown
Alton Brown

DURHAM (WTVD) -- Alton Brown, famed Food Network host, took Bull City eateries and bars by storm Friday. We had a lot of serious questions, and now we've got some answers on what he chowed down.

Original Story: Alton Brown has some bold opinions on the Durham Food Scene

Here are Alton's Durham picks according to Sarah De Heer, a representative for the famous foodie, who is on the road with him for his "Eat your Science" tour.

1. "Cocktails: Alley Twenty Six for a gimlet"

While we found what cocktail Alton was waiting for here:

The one he was waiting for here, and what bar he was at, is still a mystery.

2. "Coffee: Latte at Cocoa Cinnamon"

Latte at Cocoa Cinnamon. Latte at Cocoa Cinnamon? That's cool, but which latte did he have? We need to know.

3. "Lunch: Grain bowl with shredded chicken from Luna. King's Sandwich Shop for Cackalacky King."

It's the "blackened pulled freebird chicken, citrus herb simmer sauce" grain bowl to be specific.

Alton didn't tweet or Instagram this one, but here's what it looks like:

Image source

4. "Dinner: Mateo Tapas for pan con tomate with manchego, their asparagus special with ramps, pulpo a la plancha and pato y arroz."

Turns out that not only did Alton call this the "best tapas bar in the US," which has got to be a pretty big deal for the Spanish eatery, but it's also where he got his preshow snack of "pan con tomate with machego."

A restaurant so nice you ate their food twice, Alton? Who knew? And right here in Durham.

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