Amazon Prime Day deals and other sales: Buy now or wait?

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Monday, October 9, 2023
Amazon Prime Day Deals and other sales, should you buy now or wait?
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With just about ten weeks left until Christmas, shoppers are wondering will the deals get better or if now the time to get the best price

To buy now or hold off and wait for a better sale? That's the question as Prime Day deals start Tuesday.

With just about 10 weeks left until Christmas, shoppers are wondering when is the best time to snag the best prices.

No matter where you shop, whether it's online or in-store, you will find advertised deals competing with Amazon Prime Day deals.

"So definitely price compare, even if you are an Amazon Prime member, because you could find a better deal at like a Kohl's or Macy's on a product that you really want," says shopping expert Shannon Dwyer with, an online source that updates deals as they are released.

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For some of the best deals, you may have to request special access.

"There's a lot of deals that are invite-only deals. So basically, if you're an Amazon Prime member, you can request a deal for a product that you want. They'll email if you are chosen and then you can buy the product," Dwyer said.

Besides Amazon, other retailers like Walmart and Target are rolling out competing sales where you'll find big discounts on toys and electronics. If you find a hot ticket item now but don't think it's the best price, Dwyer suggests you buy it as you just never can accurately predict things like supply issues.

"A lot of stores do price matching. During this time they extend the window. So if you buy something right now before it sells out for the season, if it comes back in stock for Black Friday they will price match you," she said.

When it comes to Amazon and other retailers, the deals will be released throughout the day, so don't forget to set price alerts on the products you want. This way you don't miss out on a deal as many of the deals have limited supplies.

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