Celebrate American Education Week by thanking your favorite teacher

We all have that teacher who made a huge impact on our life, maybe even turned it around. What better time to honor that teacher than American Education Week?

American Education Week is a week created by the National Education Association and the American Legion. Initially, the low literacy rate of World War I draftees created a need for increasing public support of education.

With that goal in mind, those two organizations launched American Education Week in 1921.

In 2018, American Education Week takes place from Nov. 12-16.

Getting in on the action, N.C. State's College of Education created the "Thank An Educator" movement to coincide with American Education Week. It gives you a chance to tell that special teacher in your life just how much they meant to you.

You could even get a T-shirt for joining in, just don't even think of wearing one in Mrs. Loy's class.

Click here for more on the "Thank An Educator" movement

Note: The video in this article is from a story in May 2018 for the Teacher of the Year in Durham County.
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