Sen. Amy Klobuchar illness: MN Democrat reveals breast cancer diagnosis

WASHINGTON -- Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar revealed Thursday that she was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year.

She said she found out during a routine mammogram, which was something she had put off during the COVID pandemic, like many others.

"It was Stage 1, and they were able to remove it. I had radiation in May, and now they tell me that my chances of getting cancer again are the same as any average person, which is great, but I learned a lot through this year as I know you know, about the importance of getting those exams and also the gratitude for all those that surrounded me and my family," Klobuchar said on GMA Thursday. "It's something that no one wants to hear, and no one wants to experience, but it's really renewed my faith in the people around me and in my purpose."

She said she's feeling much better now, but continued traveling back and forth between Minnesota and Washington during treatment.

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"Right now, thousands of women have undetected breast cancer. ... That's my first practical advice, get those screenings, go in, get a mammogram, get what other health checkup you should be getting," Klobuchar said.

It was challenging for her to keep working, but she said she tried to remember the purpose of her work.

"I would always think, well, so many people have it harder," she said. "Some of my colleagues who had battled cancer before, that gave me an inspiration."
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