Landfill expansion infuriates Harnett County residents

Akilah Davis Image
Saturday, September 1, 2018

LILLINGTON, NC (WTVD) -- Trash talk is brewing and homeowners are angry. Harnett County is planning to expand the Anderson Creek Landfill, but neighbors said it'll be too close for them. The landfill is on Colonial Hills Drive in Lillington.

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"I'm a little scared that the property that I just bought is going to plummet," said Adam Brown, who has been living in the community for only one month.

According to residents, the landfill expansion could border their backyards. Harnett County's Solid Waste Director Amanda Bader told ABC11 that a meeting will be held Tuesday to discuss the long-term master plan for the Anderson Creek Landfill as they attempt to proactively address the rapidly growing community.

"There's more than enough property to do this over without extending this one," one resident said.

"I say one of two things," another resident said. "They either buy our property so they can do this or they don't do this."