39 dogs, 3 birds & 1 cat rescued from 'pretty horrific conditions'

Monday, July 10, 2023
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ANDREWS, N.C. -- Over 40 animals are on their way to a better life after several people teamed up to help rescue them from terrible conditions in one Western North Carolina community.

Valley River Humane Society Animal Shelter, based out of Marble, North Carolina, posted numerous photos on social media, writing that Friday, July 7, was "a big day." Four members from their organization, along with two from Shelter Dog Transport Alliance, a nonprofit animal transport program based out of Asheville, North Carolina, accompanied the sheriff's department to a home in Andrews to help seize 39 dogs, three birds and one cat from "some pretty horrific conditions."

Valley River Humane said it was an all hands on deck operation, with someone from Andrews Veterinary stepping in to help house some of the rescued animals, a tech from Murphy Animal Hospital pitching in to help triage all new intakes, and foster families coming to take in litters of young puppies.

Shelter Dog Transport Alliance wrote in a social media post that it was a "privilege" to support such an operation.

"Valley River had no room to give, but made a way with their incredibly hard-working and compassionate staff," a Facebook post read. A board member with Shelter Dog Transport Alliance wrote in an email to News 13 that "Valley River Humane is already near capacity & they made room for these helpless animals."

Valley River continued in their post, saying all the animals rescued are doing well and that they're all "learning what a clean, loving environment full of food and treats is like."

The animal shelter says they're in need of dog food now and for anyone who would like to help out, you can visit Valley River's online wish list.

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