Laser therapy to quit smoking


Thirty-year smoker Pam Lacher tried everything to quit and now hopes trying the laser therapy will be the cure she is seeking to stop smoking.

Lacher explains, "We have a wedding planned for May 18. So, this is our wedding gift to each other." Pam and her fiance Wes are both undergoing laser therapy.

It's based on the principles of acupuncture and she hopes it works as well for her as it did for her therapists, Erich and Ingrid Fahrenheim. Combined, the mother and son smoked for almost 50 years until undergoing one laser treatment.

Ingrid Fahrenheim, a smoker for 34 years, says she heard an ad on the radio for the therapy in Sarasota, Florida 16 months ago that changed her life. "I went in on Sept. 11 last year and never touched another cigarette," says Fahrenheim.

Her son Erich smoked for 15 years and also quit after a treatment. "When she stopped it was a real eye opener for me," says Erich.

The Fahrenheims say theyre living proof the low level laser therapy works. But, its not yet FDA approved, and, at least one watchdog group has pushed for a federal crackdown, claiming smokers who pay several hundred dollars for a treatment are victims of fraud. But, the Fahrenheims are such believers, Ingrid put her life savings into recently opening a treatment center in Cary called Quantum HealthWorks.

"If I did not belive 100 percent in my heart that this could save hundreds and thousands of people a miserable trip to quitting or just improve their health incredibly I wouldnt have gone into it, " stated Ingrid.

The laser therapy takes about 30 minutes. The laser is strategically placed on trigger points throughout the body. Erich Fahrenheim says it's painless and stimulates endorphines to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms that come when you quit smoking.

"We're stimulating the release of those same feel good chemicals so you don't have those intense cravings, "said Erich.

After one treatment, Pam Lacher agrees saying so far, her cravings are gone. "The whole procedure was almost spiritual, "said Lacher.

Eyewitness checked in with Lacher and her fiance two days after their laser treatment and neither had a cigarette.

You can contact Quantum HealthWorks Inc. at 1-888-NO-SMOKE or you can go to their website at

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