Obama and Clinton plan many NC visits

RALEIGH It's been over 30 years since North Carolina voters had the opportunity to play such a pivotal role in deciding a presidential candidate.

For the second week in a row both candidates are planning to seek out Tar Heel Democrats.

One example of what the campaigns are up to is the temporary offices being set-up by Obama supporters. Three days ago there were no offices for Obama in Raleigh now the offices are buzzing with activity.

In the coming days you will see more like them from both Clinton and Obama.

Ryan Mills, an Obama volunteer stated, "Our most important goal first is going to be voter registration, that's going to be the primary effort for the next few weeks."

Local Obama organizers tell me it's just one of at least 13 offices yet to be officially unveiled this week statewide.

A bit of a contrast from Clinton supporters. Catherine Evangelista a Clinton volunteer offered, "There are really a lot of Hillary Clinton supporters, I think there a little bit more closeted at the moment."

Clinton has yet to open any triangle offices, but locals like Catherine Evangelista now have a new presence online.

Evangelista, "If you look online, you'll see that there are a lot of people who are waiting for a meet-up group to start, and that's really what happened with me."

The enhanced presence across the board follows a full court press from Clinton and Obama.

Just last week Obama spoke to a select group in Fayetteville and Charlotte, while Bill Clinton stumped for Hillary in Cary and Charlotte.

Supporters for both candidates say the race boils down to leadership, specifically judgement and experience.

Evangelista, "I think Hillary is just a better candidate all the way around. It's like choosing a surgeon. You would choose someone who is experienced with a long line of success and isn't there to try something new."

Ryan Mill, "Barack Obama has proven his judgment in the past, he's the only one who has opposed the war consistently from the beginning."

Obama's next visit to the state is scheduled Wednesday in Greensboro.

Thursday Clinton plans to make stops in Asheville, Fayetteville and Raleigh

One of the latest surveys of North Carolina voters produced by Rasmussen Reports shows either democratic candidate faces a fight with G.O.P hopeful John McCain.

The reports show Mccain leading Hillary Clinton 50% to 34% percent.

McCain leads Barack Obama 51% to 42% percent. You can see more details from this poll at Rasmussen Reports.

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