Disappearing campaign signs


One /*candidate*/ says hundreds of her /*campaign*/ signs have disappeared, giving her opponents an unfair advantage.

"It's very frustrating," Black said. She says her volunteers placed 400 signs throughout Durham over the weekend.

By Monday, more than half of the signs were gone.

"I don't know if it's thieves, pranksters, but it's illegal and we hope it stops," she said.

Black has asked law enforcement to keep an eye out for the sign snatchers.

As for who she thinks is behind it, she stops short of blaming her competition.

"It certainly wouldn't be from my campaign," opposing candidate and attorney Keith Bishop said.

Bishop says in politics, signs disappear and usually they're just replaced. "I think that's what Ms. Black outta do. Replace her signs and stop whining."

"It causes others to have an unfair advantage over me and my signs when I've put them out there for a purpose," Black said.

A purpose she says loyal campaign donors have paid thousands of dollars for.

She doesn't think the stolen signs will hurt her campaign, but there's something to be said about politics and playing nice.

"I would hope that they would see the error of their ways and hopefully return them if they haven't been destroyed," Black said.

Eyewitness News contacted D.A. candidates Tracey Cline and Mitch Garrell to find out if their signs have been targeted. The calls were not returned.

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