Police arrest man for robbery crime spree


Based on warrants, the spree began April 19 and lasted through May 1.

One victim says he walked through some dark spots of downtown, but it was when he was in a well lit area that he was forced to an ATM at gunpoint and robbed.

"I see the gas station and the lights and I'm like I'm almost home and that's when it happens," robbery victim, Matt Taylor said.

Taylor says the man who robbed him early in the morning two weeks ago was brazen.

He says 25-year-old Allen Smith, Jr. did not cover his face, did not wear gloves --just came up with a gun and robbed him under the lights. But Taylor did not have any cash.

"So he walked me down to the ATM at gun point," Taylor said. "I just tried to be like, 'hey man, we're cool, you don't need the gun. I'll give you what you want'."

While he stayed calm another victim, who asked Eyewitness News to refer to her as Nancy to protect her identity, feared for her life.

"He stuck the gun in my face and was like, 'give me all your money'," Nancy said. "Immediately, I screamed out of shock."

She was making a deposit late at night at an ATM on Crabtree Boulevard.

"He pointed the gun from me to the ATM and said I want $400 out of the ATM," she said.

She punched her pin and the buttons would not work, the machine spit out her card and something snapped.

"I don't know what's going to happen when he realizes that I don't have the money so I just hit the gas and gunned it and I didn't look back," Nancy said.

Police say in a span of 13 days, Smith held up nine people in seven different robberies around downtown Raleigh. All while he was on probation.

No one hurt physically, but some say they were emotionally.

"It's just a matter of you don't feel safe. I haven't lived in my house since it happened I haven't slept here," Nancy said.

She says she may finally get some sleep knowing Smith is behind bars.

However, Taylor says he is nervous about a second suspect that stayed off in the distance keeping a look out. Raleigh police are still investigating.

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