Volunteers turn out for 'Day of Care'


The United Way's 15th annual "days of caring" event is going on in Fayetteville.

There is a lot of stuff anyone can do to help. Postmen are collecting food for second harvest food bank. Just leave a bag of food at your mailbox and the postman will bring it in for the food bank.

Thursday, airmen from Pope Air Force Base and PWC volunteers focused on getting food out to people who cannot get out themselves.

They gathered at the RSVP Center on Blue Street and loaded their personal vehicles with hot meals for the homebound like Mable Brayboy.

"I appreciate it because I needed it. I'm 96 years-old and I enjoy it," Fayetteville Resident, Mable Brayboy said.

The volunteers went door-to-door and neighborhood-to-neighborhood bringing smiles to residents.

"They come on time and do like they're suppose to. It's hot and warm and stuff. It's very nutritious. It's very good," said Kathleen Roman of Fayetteville.

It's all part of the United Way's 15th annual "Days of Caring." The event gives companies and their employees a chance to give back to the community.

"I feel like I do something, something special," Pope Airman SrA Mickey Myers said. "Actually help out with the community and do something great besides just work all day. So it really helps. I'm glad to help out."

"What that does for two days is give our regular volunteers a break. And we all know with the price of gas now per gallon, it's pretty much of a sacrifice for a lot of volunteers to dealer these meals," United Way CEO, Robert Hines said.

And for many of the senior citizens, it could be the only hot meal they get.

"And that is about probably about 45-percent of the people in the city that we deliver to," Meals on Wheels, Patricia Thompson said. "They don't have other family members. And we make sure that they get a home cooked meal."

The United Way still needs help Saturday with building habitat houses and the YMCA needs help painting its new swimming pool on Hope Mills Road.

If you would like to find out more on how to help vist United Way's Web site .

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