Car break-ins hit NCSU students

RALEIGH On Sunday, Lauren Swantko walked out of her townhouse to her car in the parking lot to find she had been ripped off. "Glass just shattered everywhere," Lauren Swantko explained.

She wasn't the only one who got a Sunday surprise. Shards of glass were found in the parking lots of several college-themed apartments around Trailwood and Tryon Roads in South Raleigh.

Thirty car owners who didn't follow the rule "lock, take and hide" were robbed. "I'm the type person who doesn't like for my stuff to be touched by other people so I kind of was a little freaked out," Swantko said.

To prevent such crimes, Raleigh Police have been pushing a slogan – Lock, Take and Hide. Swantko did lock her car and took most of her valuables and thought she had hidden her iPod next to the seat. "I left the wires out, connected to the iPod, the charger and everything. So they must have saw the wires."

Police arrested 18-year-old Michael Ramone Leach and a 14-year-old male. They also recovered property apparently stolen during the break-ins.

Residents of Brookhaven in Northwest Raleigh are still hoping police may be able to recover some of the stolen items from 30-cars in and around that neighborhood earlier this month – but so far police have made no arrests in that case.

Raleigh Police say while the break-ins were pulled off in a similar manner, no connection has been made at this point.

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