More drivers running out of gas


AAA of the Carolinas reports that in our state calls from motorists who have run out of gas has increased almost 10 percent so far this year.

It seems to be directly related to the increasing cost of gas. More and more cars on the roads these days are running on empty. And calls for towing seem to prove it.

Motorist Audrey Jones was filling up on /*South Saunders Street*/ in /*Raleigh*/ Wednesday, one of the cheapest spots in town. It's on her way to work in /*Garner*/ from her home in /*Cary*/. She says she's run out of gas before to try to save money.

"It's cheaper than in Cary and so we try to make it out here," Jones said.

Jones' dilemma is all too familiar to Jimmy Brown.

"They just were not prepared budget-wise," said Jimmy Brown with the NC Department of Transportation.

Brown drives a motorist assistance truck for the state department of transportation. He says lately some people run out of gas, because they were hoping to make it to payday.

"There are some, some families out here, your low income families that are trying to make ends meet, they're really, really suffering," Brown said.

DOT officials are warning motorist assistance drivers not to repeatedly give free gas to the same people.

"It's like everything else, you're going to have people that's going to try to take advantage of it," Brown added.

But many of those who are in need are simply trying to make it to payday.

Jones who's starting working two jobs to pay for gas can empathize.

"They're trying to push it," she said.

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