Deputy and firefighter die in accident

ONSLOW COUNTY Visibility was low because of a controlled burn at Camp Lejeune.

This is the first fatality for the Verona Fire department and members are hoping it's their last. Highway 17 is just a few blocks away from the fire station.

There was a controlled burn at Camp Lejeune and there was dense fog this morning.

Both men were directing traffic and assisting with two accidents on the road.

That's when a tractor-trailer struck both of them.

One of the men was Onslow County Deputy Steve Boehm who was a ten year veteran of the department. Onslow county officials say this is a deep loss.

The other man was Verona Fire Fighter Gene Thomas who has committed 33 years of his life to the department.

Troopers say the truck driver had slowed down but not enough given the conditions. Charges against the driver are pending.

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