Durham girl shot in head during drive-by


Seconds later, a teenaged girl, a rising senior at Durham's Southern High School, is bleeding -- her head grazed by a gunshot.

By Saturday morning, her mother doesn't feel comfortable discussing what happened here on camera. But she confirms her daughter is back home now, less than three dozen steps from the spot where the bullet grazed the girl, after doctors at Duke treated her Friday night.

The mother told me her daughter was standing beside the mother's car waiting for her to come and drive her away when the shots rang out. When the teen heard the gunfire, she ducked down and tried to run back over to her home. The mother says it's a good thing her daughter ducked, because had she stood up seconds earlier, that bullet the grazed her might have caught her square in the head instead, killing her.

Things happened so fast, the mother doesn't recall much about the car that sprayed random bullets into the apartment complex parking lot. She told me she doesn't know anything about the drive by shooter's intended target, and said her daughter does not know the people who opened fire.

The mother is just happy her teenager survived -- with her spirit intact.

Before the shooting, the mother told me, the girl said she'd study law. But after a night spent in the ER, she's now considering a medical career instead, once she leaves the Hoover Road Apartments.

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