SUV runs into a house in Wake County

APEX Somali Birla was sitting down to watch a movie Friday night when an SUV came crashing through the garage of her Apex home in the Walden Creek subdivision.

"We hear this loud crash as if a plane had crashed on our roof or something like that," Birla said.

Panicked, the family scrambled to find out what happened. When Birla's mother looked in the garage she found both cars parked inside had been hit by the SUV that plowed through the garage door then drove off. One car was shoved through the kitchen foundation.

"The white car that you see there was completely like three feet inside this by the way the garage door was shut and this guy in this SUV … red SUV came through our yard there are tire tracks in our yard I think he went through a couple other yards as well," Birla said.

All of the damage police say started when a 16-year-old boy up the street jumped into his family's SUV.

The father saw the boy and tried to stop him, he was dragged down the street, but the teenager managed to keep going causing lots of damage to several homes.

"We don't know him; we don't know the family at all," Birla said.

Birla says she does know the teen is autistic. She isn't sure whether he has a license.

The ordeal ended when he crashed into an ambulance.

"Minor injuries reported at this time, but, no serious injuries," an Apex police officer said.

Police say they will discuss the case with the DA before deciding whether to press charges against the teen.

"There are lots of other kids on the street; I think every neighbor is going to be worried about someone like this loose," Birla said. "The safety of the neighborhood is at big risk right now."

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