Graphic details in Silliman murder revealed

RALEIGH Sheriff's investigators found the 18-year-old's body on the bathroom floor of an abandoned mobile home owned by one of the suspects' parents near New Hill in southwestern Wake County on Dec. 3.

Four of Silliman's friends, Aadil Shaaid Kahn, 17, Allegra Rose Dahlquist, 17, Drew Logan Shaw, 16, and Ryan Patrick Hare, 18, are all charged with his death. Tuesday a Wake County jury indicted all four teens for murder.

The court documents indicate one of the suspects confessed to Apex Police, leading two others to admit to the killing.

Search warrants released Wednesday paint a graphic picture of what may have happened to Silliman the night he was killed. They say his body was found in plastic bag with duck tape over his mouth. It's unclear where Silliman was actually killed.

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The warrants also refer to an address that property records show matches Khan's residence.

According to the warrant, Khan admitted to beating Silliman on the head with a hammer, tying him up with zip ties, suffocating him with duck tape and disposing of him in a plastic bag.

The medical examiner's preliminary autopsy report coincides with what the warrant says, that Silliman died of asphyxiation.

Documents state the suspects tried to use animal medication to assist in the killing and read Silliman his fortune using tarot cards just prior to his death.

Investigators took burned incense and ashes, prescription drug bottles, syringes, cable ties, and tarot cards --among other things-- from the mobile home where his body was found.

Officials are still combing through that evidence and evidence collected at the homes of the four suspects and in their car, which includes computers, a shovel, a pick axe, a sledge hammer, a baseball bat, and several items that could be used to restrain a victim.

Entries on Silliman's Facebook Web site page showed he was friends with the other teens. He attended Apex High along with Dahlquist and Kahn.

Authorities are looking for a link maybe through their Facebook and MySpace pages will give a motive for the murder that still remains a mystery.

Silliman was first reported missing by his parents on Nov. 26 and authorities had issued a Silver Alert for him. He was last seen less than 10 miles from where his body was found. The mobile home was used for storage by Dahlquist's family.

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