Hunter shot in accident

CHATHAM COUNTY Wildlife officials tell Eyewitness News that a group of friends - including children and teens - from western North Carolina met up at Jordan Lake to hunt deer and coyote. They were using a hunting technique known as "man drives." The idea is to split up into groups and drive deer towards other hunters with guns.

Investigators say one of the hunters with guns shot at a deer, but another hunter was standing about 100 feet behind it. Bob Schuler, 49, of Thomasville was hit in the neck and leg with buck shot.

He was rushed to the hospital for surgery and is expected to survive.

Wildlife officials say they've interviewed everyone involved and will leave it up to the District Attorney to decide if any charges should be filed. If so, they would face a charge of criminal negligent hunting.

Wildlife officials say the "man drive' hunting technique is commonly used. Deer season ends January 1.

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