Parents scramble when locks change at preschool

DURHAM "I guess everybody woke up this morning thinking it was gonna be a regular day. But as we can see, it wasn't," said parent Nikki Davis.

A parent called Eyewitness News, and after we showed up, yellow school buses came to collect the kids and take them to another school temporarily.

"After the kids were placed on the bus, that's when we learned that the doors were locked, and they were changed yesterday afternoon," Davis explained.

Apparently, the locks had been changed on the building and the new keys weren't immediately available. School officials told Eyewitness News it was a "safety issue."

"I'm sorry, but we're trying to get the locksmith. In error, he must have taken the wrong key, and we're trying to get it resolved," an administrator told parents.

Parents told Eyewitness News that the lock change is related to the sudden departure of the preschool's director Monday, but school officials would not confirm that.

The confusion meant that many parents were late to work, but eventually the doors were unlocked and the school returned to normal operation.

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