It's Your Money: Cut your power bill

RALEIGH His first cut, the thermostat.

Marvin tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "If you turn this down one degree, you will save 4 to 5 percent off your energy bill."

That one percent adds up if you turn it down a couple degrees at night.

Marvin adds, "Let's say you have a $150 electric bill, and you turn it down 4 degrees. You're going to save 20 percent on your monthly bill. Twenty percent of $150, is $30 a month and $30 a month is $360 a year."

If you're not home during the day, Marvin recommends a programmable thermostat that will turn down the heat while you're at work.

When it comes to air and furnace filters, buy the cheap ones, and change them more often every couple months.

And let there be light, but the energy efficient kind of compact fluorescent light. Marvin says, "They only use one-fourth of the energy of a standard light bulb. Another advantage is you only have to change them once every 7 or so years."

When you're not in the room, don't forget turn off the lights!

When it comes to laundry, turn that water from hot to cold. It saves you 40 cents a load.

To save money in the kitchen, make full use of your appliances and all the energy you're putting into them. Marvin suggests, "When finished baking there's all that good heat in there and when done open the stove door and let all the heat out."

Make sure there are no kids around and just crack it open a little bit. And, you can do the same thing with your dishwasher.

Marvin says, "When you hear it stop rinsing, turn it off there's no need to use all that electricity to dry your dishes. Open it up and let that warm steam and hot air come into the house."

Simple steps that helps Marvin keep money in his pocket, he adds, "For sure on a $150 bill, I'm saving $50 a month, which is $600 a year, which over 10 years is $6,000."

Just a few things we can all do, right now, and save big money down the road.

Progress Energy has 100 money saving tips on their Website, check it out by clicking here.

Progress Energy also offers a free home energy check to show you how you can make your home more efficient.

If you have a money saving tip, feel free to pass it along.

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