Department store offers jobs

WAKE FOREST The job fair kicked off Sunday and will run through Thursday. Nearly two dozen people arrived early for the Kohl's job fair Sunday.

"They say they're interviewing 800 people this week," Duke University Epidemiologist Emily Smathers said. "But I'm not that surprised, due to the economy. It's kind of bad."

"Actually, I thought there'd be more because of the job fair I'd heard about on the news for people looking for full-time employment," state worker Kathy Core said. "They had thousands of people."

The smaller crowd could be a plus for applicants like Smathers, who came for a second job.

"So that I can maybe make my ends meet," Smathers said. "My husband recently took a job that made less, so you do what you've got to do."

The new Kohls store is closer to her home than her job at Duke.

Kohl's says by the time April arrives they hope to have about 150 full time and part time workers hired.

Smathers says she hopes she'll make the cut.

"Yeah, they said that I should hear something, that I've made it to the second round," Smathers said. "I've already filled out the second set of paperwork. Hopefully, things go well."

"And I hope that somebody who needs a job period gets something as opposed to me since I already have a job. Mine is a secondary income." Core said.

Something that's needed at a time when many people feel every dollar's stretched and any extra money earned really counts.

There is still time to apply for postions. The job fair is at the Hilton Garden Inn-Northeast in Raleigh and it runs through Thursday.

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