Sex offender landlord arrested again

RALEIGH Michael Lahoud was charged late last year with touching some of his tenant's children.

Lahoud was out of jail on a $750,000 bond when he was arrested Wednesday. This time, a superior court judge wrote directly on the arrest that Lahoud's bond would be $5 million.

According to the sex offender registry, the first few times the 52-year-old was charged with indecent liberties with minors, he got probation.

He is also charged with attempted second-degree rape.

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Lahoud lives in a house near Millbrook High School.

His neighbor, Mila Cordova, says most neighbors were alerted about his sex offender status when Wake County sheriff's investigators visited neighborhoods around the time of Lahoud's arrest in September.

"We were thinking he'll be put away for good, because most of those people are put away anyway for years if not for life," Cordova said. "But we were surprised when two weeks later he came back."

But on that occasion, Lahoud's attorney managed to get his bond reduced from over a million dollars to $750,000.

According to a search warrant filed in September, Lahoud manages rental properties around the county.

Three young boys and one girl, apparently children of some of Lahoud's tenants, said they were molested by him from around 2000 to 2007.

But Wednesday's arrest also includes a charge of attempted rape.

"These were old charges," said Roger Smith, Lahoud's attorney. "He certainly didn't commit any new charge after he got out on bond."

Smith is not happy that his client has been given another bond on top of the one he already has, especially a $5 million bond. But Cordova thinks it's just right.

"He's going to do it again," she said. "And even people who have been treated before, they always say they have that that urge to do it again."

Lahoud is scheduled for a court appearance Thursday, but the district court judge will not be able to lower the bond. A bond hearing before a superior court judge is tentatively set for Friday.

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