Spring break victim of snow

RALEIGH Because this is the second significant snowfall of the year, they already had two snow days to make up. For traditional calendar students, the first was made up on President's Day. The second will be made up on the first day of spring break - Monday April 6.

Now, students must also make up Monday's snow day. That day will be taken Tuesday April 7.

Some parents say school officials can expect a lot of empty seats.

Lisa Barrell made plans for her kids' first-week-of-April spring break months ago. She figures many other parents have done the same thing.

"I think the parents are gonna continue with their plans no matter what. You know, my kids have made plans to go visit their grandparents in Florida and that's what we're gonna do," she told Eyewitness News.

Wake county school officials say they don't have much choice since the state mandates the start and end date of the calendar, the number of days students must attend schools and mandatory teacher workdays.

"Our expectation is that the students need to be there but it's ultimately up to the parents. And traditionally, we do see increased absences, but we hope it's held to a minimum," offered Michael Evans with Wake County Public Schools.

ome parents are sympathetic to the tight school calendar.

"There's no room for any snow days. There's nothing else that they can do and we're just gonna have to live with their rules," said Barrell

Things are not the same for students on other calendars in Wake. Modified calendar students will make up the day Wednesday, March 11. Year-round students will make it up this Saturday, and Wake Early College will make it up Wednesday, May 27.

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