Obama coming to Raleigh today

WASHINGTON He's holding a town hall meeting at Broughton High School's Holiday Gymnasium on Saint Mary's Street this afternoon.

Air Force One landed at RDU in Morrisville around 11:10 a.m. The public was not allowed an up close view of his arrival. However, media and essential personnel were given access onto and near the tarmac.

Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker was the only local dignitary to greet the President at the airport. After a handshake and brief talk with Meeker, Obama got into his limo and left the airport.

The President is attempting to keep the pressure on Congress to pass significant health care reform this year.

Obama envisions legislation that would, for the first time, require all Americans to be insured. A new government insurance program would compete with private insurers, and insurance companies would be barred from excluding people with pre-existing conditions.

Protestors rallied outside Broughton Wednesday morning during the town hall meeting.

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The Raleigh Police Department says motorists should expect significant traffic congestion in the vicinity of Broughton High School.

Motorists who can avoid traveling in or through the area around the time of the visit are advised to do so.

Streets surrounding Broughton may be closed temporarily to accommodate traffic and parking in the surrounding area will be limited.

Only people with event tickets were allowed to enter the school grounds.

Obama's next stop will be a grocery store.

He'll hold a second town hall at a Kroger Supermarket in Bristol, Va. He's expected to field questions from store employees.

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