Woman brought back to life shares story

JOHNSTON COUNTY Now, the mother of two is sharing her incredible journey in her own words.

Amy Moore went into cardiac arrest on September 14 and was pronounced dead, but was later brought back to life by doctors.

The 38-year-old mother says she has since slowed down a bit to enjoy the simple things in life -- like coloring with her children, Lexi and Chase, and going to her son's little league game with her husband.

"We were always on the go," Moore said. "It's crazy; I can't believe that I almost lost that, that quick, with no warning."

Moore says she doesn't remember the day she, without warning, collapsed at work after suffering sudden cardiac death.

Her heart stopped beating for at least 15 minutes before she was revived and eventually flown to UNC Hospitals.

"Everything that I know is hearsay from everybody I know," Moore said. "The pictures of me with the tubes and everything, it's hard for me to believe."

A quick response from paramedics gave her a chance to live and UNC doctors induced hypothermia, hoping to minimize the damage to her brain.

"When they tell me I was frozen and how long I was frozen, and then they had to thaw me out, I didn't even know that that kind of stuff was possible," Moore said.

Within days, she was walking the hospital halls and sharing a meal with her children.

"I sit and I'm thankful that I didn't have to leave them and that I am here and that I can go and do all those things," Moore said.

However, her recovery is far from over. Moore continues struggling with memory loss and tires easily. She's also getting used to the defibrillator that was implanted in her chest.

"My arm will just ache and it'll get tired, and it'll just ache all down," Moore said.

She also says at night, when she's getting ready to rest, her mind starts to wander and worry.

"Is this something that's going to happen to me again," Moore said. "What if I'm here by myself? I didn't have any warning before."

So she says she cherishes every moment as a gift and hopes others will do the same.

"I guess I'm not done, here," said Moore with a laugh.

Moore says she is looking forward to thanking her supporters at a fundraiser later this month that will be taking place in Garner in her honor.

On November 20, a bike and car show will be held to help raise money for the family. The event kicks off at 9 a.m. at the Locked and Loaded Grill in Garner.

For more updates about Amy Moore and for fundraiser details visit the Facebook page that has been set up to share her story.

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