Gov. McCrory tours storm damage; confirms one child dead


The same day, the National Weather Service confirmed another two tornadoes touched down Friday in Greene County. One was an EF-0 and the other was an EF-1.

The storm carved a random, ragged path of destruction. Some people lost portions of their homes, or had debris damage portions of their cars.

"It has a dent in the door and some scratches," said Sue Reikard, a storm survivor in Beaufort County. "It just lifted it right up and took it right back. Half of the stuff is back there in the trees."

Reikard said no one was hurt.

But it was a different story in Chowan County.

"To have a very young baby get killed while their mother is trying to protect him is heartbreaking," McCrory said. "Our hearts and prayers go out to the entire family."

The Governor did not name the family.

Neighbors compared notes about damaging high winds and their effects.

The winds flattened the home of Louise Bonner while she was inside.

"It came down on my head, and everything," she said. "And the next thing I know I fell down."

She got up, managed to escape, and made it across the street to a home that is still standing, but badly damaged.

One family has insurance and will rebuild. The governor made it clear: storm survivor security is a priority now.

"Believe me we will be enforcing the law for anybody who tries to break the law and come into these neighborhoods and take advantage of people," he said.

An assessment team will visit the area Monday to determine the extent of the damage and the potential cost of recovery.

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