Wake County program feeds thousands every week during COVID-19 pandemic

Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Wake County program helps churches feed the hungry
A farmers-to-family food program gives farmers an opportunity to sell products that would otherwise go to waste.

WAKE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- A local missions organization is in disaster recovery mode as we continue to battle COVID-19 in our state.

Baptists on Mission says that though every disaster is different, COVID-19 by far has been the most unique.

To get to Baptists on Mission, you have to start with farmers who typically sell produce to local restaurants.

A grant from the United States Department of Agriculture is offering a grant - "The Farmers to Family Food Box Program."

Baptists on Mission is one of the recipients of the grant. The grant enables farmers to sell produce that otherwise would go to waste.

"It gives us the opportunity to get food to thousands of people every week," Richard Brunson, the director of Baptists on Mission said.

The ministry group boxes up not only produce, but meat, cheese, and milk. Then churches and other community groups stop by either at the Cary or Asheville distribution center to take back to their own communities.

"I heard from a pastor the other day," Brunson said. "He told me about delivering to a grandma who is raising her grandson and just how grateful she was to get the produce box. And really she just said 'ah there is so much here and its such good food', and she was just so thankful for it. And there's story after story like that."

The group focuses on helping areas recover from disasters on a local level. "So those real overlooked areas are able to get boxes through someone - a church or a community center - who knows the people and knows the needs in the community."

The first period for the grant expires at the end of the month, it's then the group will learn if they will be renewed for a second period.