Bernie Sanders supporters in North Carolina weigh in on Clinton as the nominee

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Bernie Sanders supporters have expressed a multitude of opinions as some news organizations are calling Hillary Clinton the "presumptive democratic nominee," including the Associated Press.

Some Sanders supporters have expressed concern and contempt for the early predictions, saying it might have the power to sway voter turnout, while others say they're now thinking of putting their weight behind Clinton.

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ABC11 spoke with local Sanders supporters to find out what they think about his camping ahead of California's election results.

Elizabeth Sager said she's disappointed in the idea that there may be Sanders supporters who would not otherwise support Clinton.

Faulkner Fox said she feels much the same way and that it is "ridiculous" to compare Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.

Liam Condon said he's holding out hope for Saunders to stay in the race long enough to make it to the Democratic National Convention.

Ryan Cuthriell said he would still support the democratic nominee, be that who it may, but feels skeptical about the election process when it comes to the super delegate vote.

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