Rash of burglaries shake up 'safe' Cary neighborhood

Thursday, May 12, 2016
Cary break-ins
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Neighbors shaken by rash of crimes.

CARY (WTVD) -- Security video shows a man roaming through the homeowner's living room while she is away. Cary Police said the intruder went from room to room stealing electronics - stashing them in a pillowcase. A 911 caller described what unfolded: "They smashed a hole in my wall to get in my door."

Investigators say the thief broke into the home through the garage. In one week, five homes in Cary have been hit. Police say they may be connected.

The most recent one on Electra Drive, is near Whitney Keene's home.

"I always thought of this as a very safe neighborhood," Keene said.

But Keene said she may need a new strategy to stay safe besides relying on her dog, Callie Anne.

"I will probably put our electronics in a better location so that they are not able to be seen from outside if someone were to look in," Keene said. "Just make sure all the doors are locked - all the windows locked."

According to the crime report, the burglar got away with more than $500 worth of electronics.

Bill Lindner says the neighborhood is on high alert following community announcements of recent crime in the area.

"I have left before and left my doors unlocked - just feeling that safe and that comfortable, but now I am kind of having a change of heart," Lindner said.

Cary Police said keep your doors and windows locked at all times; keep valuables out of plain sight - so that you don't entice intruders - and report suspicious vehicles or pedestrians.

If you have information that can help investigators call Cary Police at (919) 469-4012. There's a reward for any tip that leads to an arrest.

On Sunday, May 15, Cary Police will host Public Safety Day downtown. Police will be on hand to provide safety information from 12 - 3 p.m.

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